Centring QTIBPOC Art, Wellbeing and Spirit

For *Queer. Trans. Intersex. Black/People of Colour.

ART.BODY.SOUL is an upcoming community festival for QTIBPOC* by QTIBPOC that will take place over two weekends in and around South London, offering family-friendly creative workshops, collaborative events & healing conversations, amongst numerous other things.

By collaborating with a number of London based QTIBPOC creatives and collectives, we return to and honour our ancestral traditions through an arts fair, life drawing, dance, music and a Full Moon ceremony. Moreover, we are creating space for a short artist residency with Queer, Black, Tattooist/Visual artist Thomarya ‘Tee’ Fergus, a Toronto native by way of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (@iamnattee)


Why we believe this is important


For many Queer Black and Brown people – ourselves included, reclaiming autonomy over our own bodies is something that has taken a long time to do and is a journey that many of us are still on. Both Purple Rain Collective & Project Mission Gallery bring people together to heal from  the violence inflicted upon our communities.

We believe in the radical power of art as a tool for personal transformation and structural change.

Being able to engage with personal and healing artwork from someone who, not only understands some of the reasons you might be getting the work done, but also with a community of people that have shared experiences with you can be a rewarding and transformative experience.


Being able to reach a place where you are aware enough of your own body and self, to know and name these comforts as necessities is a triumph we ought to celebrate each and everyday; especially in a world that is built to discourage many of us from doing so. So we decided to foster a space dedicated to doing just that.

If you want to help make this QTIBPOC vision a reality, please click – HERE – to support our crowdfunder and learn more about the full programme we have planned for the festival!




Purple Rain Collective is a collective space for Queer, Trans and Intersex Black, People of Colour in the UK to mobilise, converse on our experiences and develop strategies for safety, resistance and liberation. PRC is currently run by Tobi, Adae, Ruth and Aaks who are working on building a supportive, educational and accessible resource hub with a focus on community, care, accountability and healing.


Project Mission Gallery is a travelling art gallery run by Mattie Loyce, Californian Nomad and well known sunshine kid. As a gallery they focus on emerging artists, who identify as People of Color (PoC), within local communities and they take pride in supporting emerging arts, holding critical discussions through art, and building strong relationships through collaboration. Their programming includes exhibitions, workshops, and other interdisciplinary work, with the intention of creating multiple access points to creativity, art and community building.  Find them at