Centring QTIBPOC Art, Wellbeing and Spirit

For *Queer. Trans. Intersex. Black/People of Colour.

ART.BODY.SOUL was a community festival for QTIBPOC* by QTIBPOC that took place over two weekends in and around South London (and Essex); offering family-friendly creative workshops, collaborative events & healing conversations, amongst numerous other things.

By collaborating with a number of London based QTIBPOC creatives and collectives, we returned to and honoured our ancestral traditions through an arts fair, life drawing, dance, music and a Full Moon ceremony.
We created space for a short artist residency with Queer, Black, Tattooist/Visual artist Thomarya ‘Tee’ Fergus, a Toronto native by way of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (@iamnattee)


Why we believe this is important


For many Queer Black and Brown people – ourselves included, reclaiming autonomy over our own bodies is something that has taken a long time to do and is a journey that many of us are still on. Both Purple Rain Collective & Project Mission Gallery bring people together to heal from  the violence inflicted upon our communities.

We believe in the radical power of art as a tool for personal transformation and structural change.

Being able to engage with personal and healing artwork from someone who, not only understands some of the reasons you might be getting the work done, but also with a community of people that have shared experiences with you can be a rewarding and transformative experience.

Being able to reach a place where you are aware enough of your own body and self, to know and name these comforts as necessities is a triumph we ought to celebrate each and everyday; especially in a world that is built to discourage many of us from doing so. So we decided to foster a space dedicated to doing just that.

HERE – our crowdfunder where you can learn more about the full programme we planned for the festival!

Love always.


Purple Rain Collective is a collective space for Queer, Trans and Intersex Black, People of Colour in the UK to mobilise, converse on our experiences and develop strategies for safety, resistance and liberation. PRC is currently run by Tobi, Adae, Ruth and Aaks who are working on building a supportive, educational and accessible resource hub with a focus on community, care, accountability and healing.


Project Mission Gallery is a travelling art gallery run by Mattie Loyce, Californian Nomad and well known sunshine kid. As a gallery they focus on emerging artists, who identify as People of Color (PoC), within local communities and they take pride in supporting emerging arts, holding critical discussions through art, and building strong relationships through collaboration. Their programming includes exhibitions, workshops, and other interdisciplinary work, with the intention of creating multiple access points to creativity, art and community building.  Find them at


Event programme and tickets



11.15am | Tea & Coffee Morning – Come ease yourself into the day and space with the team before the day of workshops begins 🙂

12.00pm-1.30pm | How to: Altars, Blessings & Cleansings – Incorporating Spiritual Practice into our Daily Living

2pm-3:30pm | QTBIPOC Life Drawing Workshop w/ Our Naked Truths

4pm-5:30pm | Roundtable Artist Skillshare: Focus on Sustainability, Mental Health, Paperwork and Collaboration w/ Evan Ifekoya, Joy Gharoro Akpojotor, Rudy Jee Van Jee, Sadie Sinner & Tee Fergus

7pm | Drink & Draw: An Art social w/ Custom Tattoos by Tee Fergus

10pm-1am | Celebration Evening w/ BBZ on the Decks (Msg 4 Password!)


12pm-2pm | Zine Making Workshop for Kids!

12pm-5pm | Queer Arts & Crafts Fayre!
An Arts & Crafts Fair with Black and Brown LGBTIQueer Artisans, Artists and BPOC Allies.
Participating Artists:


8-11pm | New Moon Healing / Manifesting Ritual

Drawing from the powerfully refreshing , magical energy that a new moon brings, we will visit the waters and create a full moon circle with the intention of honouring Yemoja (Mother of the seas) & Oshun (Mother of the rivers).

Focusing on the intention behind the use of the number 7 (representing the 7 seas), we will send forth healing into the waters that have and continue to guide, heal & sustain us – remembering that nothing can exist without it. We will charge ourselves, each other and our crystals (if you have any and want to bring them along), manifesting what we need to keep us grounded as we wash away layers of the old and leave space for that which will heal and keep our inner waters flowing.

You are invited to bring along with you (optionally)  a piece of writing that you would like to share in a safe space with like minded folx, a white item, some shells and yellow or white flowers.

Writing materials will be provided – although it is welcomed and perfectly understandable if you already have your individual journals/books for ritualistic introspection.

This session will be led by Tobi Adebajo.

Transport will be provided from Grays Train Station (oyster accessible) to the location of the ritual and then back into an accessible train station in London for those who need it.

Place: Coal House Fort (Meet at Grays)
Activity: Mid-week gathering



‘The name Inkwa is inspired from the Zulu stabbing spear the Iklwa and the Akan word “nkwa” meaning life.

Inkwa Tattoos is a family business that is warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental. founded by Rob Lawrence and his wife Tamar Lawrence.

Rob has been a practicing artist for around ten years and is heavily influenced by modern Japanese art, in particular that of Shigeru Miyamoto (Super Mario, Zelda, Donkey, Metroid) and Akira Toriyama (Dragonball).

At Inkwa Tattoos, we aim to provide a service that allows you to express yourself creatively as an individual, we have 4 in-house  artists all specializing in different styles to help you come up with the perfect tattoo for you.’

Place: 91 Peckham High St. (Accessible)
Activity: 3 day tattoo residency



K-Ink – A Tattoo and Art Space in Peckham. Open everyday by appointment / Tuesday – Saturday 1pm till 7pm.

Place: Timber Hut 1, 133 Copeland Road (Accessible)
Activity: 2 day tattoo residency


Family Friendly Arts Activities in the Bussey Building Yard Outside of K-ink Peckham
Hangout & Potluck in the Sunshine (fingers crossed! ;))